sPTFE and ePTFE Gaskets

Designed for the long term

High variety of use, reliable and with consistant high quality. Tailored to your specific parameters and application.

100 % reines ePTFE in einer monoaxial gereckten Netzknoten-Faserstruktur

100 % reines ePTFE in einer multiaxial gereckten Netzknoten-Faserstruktur

Gaskets made from sPTFE and ePTFE with their excellent chemical resistance and high density characteristics can provide successful sealing in demanding and difficult services.

Our gaskets from a spool, with their self adhesive backing, are manufactured from 100% PTFE with no fillers and are safe and economical to use. Gaskets from a spool allow maintenance personnel to make any shape gasket they need right in the field without long delivery times and the material waste of making cut gaskets.

Installation note:
1. Clean joint surfaces
2. Detach protection strip from adhesive side
3. Place the seal on the flange
4. Overlap the ends by 1 -2 cm right in front of a bolt
5. Cut of the rest of seal

Special installation suggestion

  • For tension sensitive joints use an angle cut
  • Wavelike installation along the pitch circle or additional supporting strip prevents tipping
  • Bedding or double layer in case of uneveness