We differentiate between corner and running track reinforced Hybrid Packing. In principle a minimum of 2 different yarns are combined for example with a reinforcing characteristic as found with Aramid fibers and yarns containing graphite. The latter improve the heat conductivity. A corner reinforcement makes sense in axial motion machinery like plunger pumps. A positive side effect is to minimize the risk of gap extrusion.

Most applications for Hybrid-Pack® are found at rotating shafts. Running track reinforcement is preferred over corner reinforcement. The reason for this is the fact that the equal distribution of reinforcing material over the width of the packing assures a uniform load on the shaft surface. A side effect of the running track reinforcement is to stop the dynamic of abrasive particles, which can be induced by the shaft rotation and to protect a softer component of the packing.


Install packing with Logo facing to housing side and in rotating applications with the arrow marking in the direction of rotation.