Pulp and paper processing

In the pulp and paper converting industry, efficiency and reliability are key to controlling costs by helping to reduce energy requirements. 

ProPack's seal packings help contain emissions, operate at high temperatures and reduce water consumption. Fast delivery thanks to our large inventory can minimize unplanned downtime.

Our products improve production performance by:

  • extended service life
  • improved equipment availability
  • fewer maintenance interventions
  • reduced consumption of barrier water

Packing types

Customized products for applications in pulp and paper processing.

Case studies Pulp & Paper

Sealing applications in practice

A Top Separator in a Kamyr Digester of a Pulp Mill was packed with a Graphite Fiber Packing. It was operating at 160° C / 320° F and 16 bar / 230 psi. The packing had a X-Section of 19 mm / 3/4" and 7 rings sealed Wood Chips and Liquor on a 220 mm / 8.66" shaft. A lantern ring was not installed, therefore causing no dilution. Previous packing damaged the shaft sleeve. The old packing was always hard to remove and costing extra maintenance time. The run in was always a long procedure. The service time of the previous packing was 2 months. With TrapezPack®30 it was a fast approach to get the required drip rate. It kept running at the desired drip rate for 1 week without any further adjustment. After outperforming previous packing 3-fold it is still in service.


High purity carbon fiber

In the recovery area of the powerhouse of a Pulp mill a Graphite packing was used to seal Green Liquor with a pH 12 on a slaker tank agitator. The operating pressure of 1 bar / 14.5 psi was sealed with 6 rings of a 12.7 mm / ½" packing running with 30 RPM on a 114 mm / 4.5" shaft at 105° C / 210° F. The setup was flushed through a lantern ring.

Previous packing was graphite with a High-tech Plastic Compound Bushing.  The packing was being abraded away as the bushing would trap the green liquor in the packing. Its service time was 6 months. The replacing packing was Trapez-Pack® 30 supplied as die formed rings. It has run flawlessly from annual shutdown to annual shutdown, 12 months.


High purity carbon fiber

A Graphite Packing was installed in the High-Pressure Feeder of a Kamyr Digester. The operating data was 30 RPM of a 349 mm / 13.75" shaft at 120° C / 250° F and sealing White Liquor with pH 14 at a pressure of 16 bar / 232 psi with 6 rings of a 22 mm / 7/8" packing. The setup was flushed through a lantern ring.

It lasted 7 month and failed due to excessive extrusion. A sleeve was damaged causing cost of 5,000 € / 6,000 USD.

The Feeder was repacked with Trapez-Pack® 30. It is now 12 months in service and still running.


High purity carbon fiber