Sheet Gaskets, Static Seals, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Camprofile Gaskets …

Quality Sealing Solutions at first hand

You will  benefit from our technical Knowhow, our long term experience and our in house production.

Also, if you require PTFE, ePTFE or Expanded Graphite gasket materials on a spool, we have the most complete and comprehensive program to satisfy all your sealing needs.

Our gasket cutting capabilities are one of our biggest strengths. With our free programmable Plotter Cutting Service, we are able to produce a single gasket or hundreds of gaskets, in standard or complicated geometries, with the highest quality and quick turn-around times.

Our Expert Knowledge base enables our sealing production to react on customer requirements and as a normal case to supply in minimal turn around.

From a single part in a complicated geometry to standard sealing elements in high quantities, we are your economic source.