Production of Packings with continous braiding machine control

ProPack provides the complete range of packages for pumps and valves.

Modern Braiding Machines produce traditional as well as modern complex packing braids with a tight bonding technique.

A double, continuously variable velocity adjustment control enables a precise plying of the braiding fi bres and a maximum surface contact of the packing results. Braiding carriers with optimized tension and reduced friction, concentrate the dynamics of the braid structure into the centre of the packing. Skillful machine selection enables braiding with marginal and thus neutral core fi bres. Additional run-in lubricants and special dispersions provide the packing with optimal cross section density and running features.

The Quality Management System used by ProPack fulfils the demands of DIN EN ISO 9001 and is governed by a yearly inspection through the TÜV Management Service.

Die-formed and pre-cut rings are user friendly solutions and provide at the same time the best sealing results without waste. The assembly is unproblematic and secure. A tool stock of approximately 2000 dies in various sizes enables us to fulfill the demands of pump and valve packing users.