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Necessary details to evaluate your sealing inquiry

  • What type of packing is currently being used for the application?
    Example: manufacturer, style, material, ect.
  • Is the current Service Life acceptable?  If not, why?
  • What do you believe has been instrumental in causing the current premature failure?

Equipment description? Example: Pump, Mixer, Valve, ect.

  • Shaft diameter?
  • Shaft surface finish and hardness?
  • Stuffing box bore/diameter?
  • Rotating or reciprocal? Also, RPM or ft/min
  • System pressure and or stuffing box pressure?
  • Technical name or description of product/medium being sealed?
  • Are abrasives present in the medium? If so, please describe.
  • Medium/fluid temperature and or stuffing box temperature?
  • Number of packing rings?
  • Is a lantern ring present? If so, location? What is flush medium if used?
  • Shaft Surface hardness HRC