Mining and mineral industry

Specialized products for the mining and mineral processing industries.

ProPack AG supplies seals that are perfectly suited for general applications involving abrasive slurries. From cost-effective, general-purpose packings made of abrasion-resistant synthetic yarns and lubricants for superior chemical resistance and conformability. Built to withstand harsh slurry environments.

  • Ideal for abrasive and crystallizing media
  • for use with aqueous solutions
  • to reduce installation time
  • Reduce maintenance costs and optimize plant performance

Case studies Mining

Sealing applications in practice

In an iron ore mine, iron ore rock and slurry with a pH of 10 had to be sealed in a Warman pump. The speed of the 178mm / 7.00 shaft was 900 rpm. Pressure 6 bar / 85 psi at ambient temperature Sealing was done with a 25mm / 1” standard glass PTFE packing and 4 rings and had a service life of 2 weeks. The reason for failure was uncontrollable leakage. The shaft sleeve was heavily worn by the packing used. The packing was very difficult to remove, and this cost extra assembly time. The P9Blue was used as Upgrade. It retracted quickly and held the required drip rate for 1 week without further adjustments. The service life exceeded 3 times that of the previous installation.


P9 Blue
Polyimid Fiber with PTFE Impregnation