Products on Reqirement

Many factors are important to select the right product for an application. Design, materials of construction and the way the product will be utilized. We know what you require and focus on function and economics.

Quality from one of the leading manufacturers

From Gland Packing to gasketing material – in all kinds of make.

ProPack is a specialist in the field of sealing technology for industry and trade. Our production is specialized of on the segment of gland packing and gasketing. Trapez-Pack®, PTFE gasket products and cam profile flange seals as well as special solutions of graphit seals and a variety of gasket sheets.

The focus of our enterprise is on customer orientation. As a prodcer of Sealing Products we realize solutions to sealing problems – precise and in short term following customer requirements. Our products are utilized in all industry sectors like chemical or power generation industry, sewage and waste water utilities, pulp and paper production and many more. With our flexible tube core packing we supply special elastomer energized sealing elements for tank lids. Read more in “About us”.

Users do not always wish or even need an expensive, complex Sealing System. With the help of newly developed machinery and production processes – as an important basis – we apply the newest experience from tests and practice. Thereby the most modern, partly processed, asbestos-free raw materials are employed.

ProPack’s Modern Braiding Machines produce traditional as well as complex, modern packing braids with a tight bonding technique.

A double, continuously variable velocity adjustment control enables a precise plying of the braiding fi bres and a maximum surface contact of the packing results. Braiding carriers with optimized tension and reduced friction, concentrate the dynamics of the braid structure into the centre of the packing. Skillful machine selection enables braiding with marginal and thus neutral core fi bres. Additional run-in lubricants and special dispersions provide the packing with optimal cross section density and running features.