Valve Packings

This sets of packing rings and in some instances intermediate and bull rings have been checked at renowned institutes  for their ability to work according to TA-Luft (Technische Anleitung zur Reinhaltung der Luft) and are approved.

The tested leakage rates meet the VDI-Guidline 2440 with controlled leakage rates of 1.0 · 10-4 mbar · l/(s·m) up to 200 °C and 1.0 · 10-2 mbar · l/(s·m) up to 400 °C (test medium Helium) and are therefore recommended as (BAT) Best Available Technology an high grade sealing systems.

Main application:

Main application: Armatures, valves, gate valves, door and lid seals, as well as slow speed applications in mixers and filters.


  • Surface roughness: shaft: Ra max 0.5 μm, housing Ra max 5 μm
  • Gap between shaft/housing or shaft/gland max 0.2 mm
  • Precompression after installation: ca 50 MPa for short time
  • Min. compression in service: ca 30 MPa
  • For pressure above 40 bar and frequently varying temperature and presure we recommend to use of Live Loading Systems

TA Luft and ISO 15848 certified packings can also be supplied on spools. To be TA Luft conform each packing ring must be precompressed in the stuffing box or a similar device to the recommended TA Luft ring densities.

Valve packings should always be used as pre-pressed rings.