Packing sets

For most control valve types, there are complete conversion kits with Reduction sockets, packing rings and LiveLoading available.

Application specific ring sets

Our experience proves, that perfectly precompressed ring sets with the right cutting angle and in a combination of selected packing styles have in summary an improved sealing characteristic compared to the individual qualities used solely by themselves.

Improved properties are:

  • Extrusion resistance, if high pressures and/or bigger gaps have to be sealed, the normally recommended gap of max 2 % of the packing size have to be observed.
  • Wiper function, if any micro scaling is found on the stem and at reciprocating movement with control valves
  • Blow out safety, when sealing high compressed gases and fumes
  • Pliability, with low gland forces as well good reset and adaptability for example in applications with temperature cycles.

This sets of packing rings and in some instances intermediate and bull rings have been checked at renowned institutes  for their ability to work according to TA-Luft (Technische Anleitung zur Reinhaltung der Luft) and are approved.

The tested leakage rates meet the VDI-Guidline 2440 with controlled leakage rates of 1.0 · 10-4 mbar · l/(s·m) up to 200 °C and 1.0 · 10-2 mbar · l/(s·m) up to 400 °C (test medium Helium) and are therefore recommended as (BAT) Best Available Technology an high grade sealing systems.

TA Luft and ISO 15848 certified packings can also be supplied on spools. To be TA Luft conform each packing ring must be precompressed in the stuffing box or a similar device to the recommended TA Luft ring densities.

Valve packings should always be used as pre-pressed rings.