Water applications

The demand for fresh water is rising worldwide and natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce.

Cost management is difficult here, even more so for plants in remote locations. Strict environmental standards for waste disposal or wastewater management can present additional obstacles. In drinking water applications, the suitability of materials plays a role, and seals must meet local standards.

ProPack AG offers innovative solutions, efficient, cost-effective products constructed of:

  • High tenacity, abrasion resistant yarns
  • for excellent chemical resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Elasticity and conformability

Case studies water applications

Sealing applications in practice

In a waterworks, a pump with a 50mm / 2.0" shaft and a speed of 500rpm had to be sealed against 1 bar / 14 psi pressure and ambient temperature in the wastewater area. After only 2 days, the installation showed increased leakage and failed after 2 weeks due to extrusion and the fact that the gland could not be adjusted anymore. The P1X was supplied as a replacement. She proved itself with a service life of 6 months.

P 1X
ePTFE Fiber with Incorporated Graphite