Seals for marine applications

Shipbuilding requires careful attention to the quality of the materials used. During construction and operation, seals must be durable and reliable over a long period of time.

Safety is essential in this industry, so specialized products are required. Features such as chemical resistance to the corrosive marine environment, extreme pressure resistance, durability, fire protection, and more. ProPack products meet the high standards.

Case studies Shipbuilding

Sealing applications in practice

At a shipyard, pumps supplying the dry dock were sealed with 4 rings of 22 mm packing. Previously, expanded graphite packing was used. It tended to run hot and the product crystallized, damaging the shaft sleeve. The product was seawater with a pH value of 8 and ambient temperature. The pressure was 1 bar. The service life reached only 1 month. The customer was looking for a solution that lasts longer would not cause damage to the shaft sleeve. The TP18 was chosen. It lasted 4 months and tread was perfect.

ePTFE/Graphite and Carbon/Graphite Yarn