Chemical applications

Special applications with aggressive acids and alkalis, curing or crystallizing products require precise material selection and proven constructions.

ProPack AG products have been specifically designed to meet the special requirements of customers in the chemical industry:

  • for controlled leakage and extrusion resistance
  • at high pressures and shaft speeds
  • corrosion resistant
  • reduced process contamination
  • easy handling and thus fast maintenance times

Case studies Chemical industry

Sealing applications in practice

In a chemical factory, a water/steam mixture was sealed in a dryer. The speed of the 834 mm shaft was very low at 6 rpm. The pressure, on the other hand, was very high at 15 bar and 250 °C temperature. 8 rings of a 25 mm packing were used. The previous packing lasted 6 months. Repacking was a costly affair due to the cooling process of the line and also involved product loss in addition to the downtime costs. The TP55 was chosen as an improvement. It lasted 24 months so far.


carbon fiber corner reinforcement

In a chemical factory, PTFE/graphite packing was previously used to seal gypsum slurry with phosphoric acid at ambient temperature. The pump had a 65 mm shaft with a speed of 1450 and delivered 4 bar. 5 rings of a 16mm packing were installed. The service life so far was 1 week. The packing hardened badly and sometimes damaged the protective sleeve very badly. A TP30 was chosen as a replacement. It was much easier to break in. The desired drip rate was achieved quickly and remained constant for much longer. The service life extension was over 4 times that of the previous packing.

High purity carbon fiber