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Packing rings and shaft seal rings

Compression distribution in a stuffing box

Pre-compressed rings offer the advantage of eliminating packing “Break-In” consolidation. Also, all packing rings will distribute gland sealing force equally down to the stuffing box bottom. This also avoids the “Lift off Effect” of the packing rings normally caused by the internal system pressure.


  • Made of all common types of packing
  • Rings or tubes, open, closed or glued ends
  • More than 2000 standarized quality tools


  • Better sealing effect - longer service life
  • Faster and easier installation - error prevention
  • Perfect cutted - elimination of waste
  • Even pressure distribution - shorter run-in process
  • Minimized energy loss due reduced friction

Form of delivery

  • Precompressed or form cut rings, complete sets
  • Available dimensions from 2.5 to 500 mm
  • Custom made constructions on request following drawing details

Order text

  • Packing Style
  • Dimensions: Outer Diameter / Inner Diameter and Height
  • Cut: Skive or Butt
  • Amount of rings needed

ARF Ring
Pure graphite ring

High cross section density ; Self lubrication and limited wear; Dry running capability; Coefficient of thermal expansion similar to steel; Maintenance free and elastic, also under variable pressure; Non ageing, high chemical resistance; Attention! Precise tolerances and surfaces of application are requested


Shaft Seal Ring WDR
Pre-Loaded Packing Ring in Metal Casing

WDR-rings are ready-to-fit sealing elements for shafts and axles; The wide sealing surface offers extra protection against early wear on the shaft and as well on the seal; WDR rings are located in the housing with interference fit. The sealing effect is facilitated through the pre-loaded encapsulated packing. Different packing styles can be utilized depending on application.