Technology Made in Germany

Cut and Manhole Gaskets

Gaskets for large quantities and for a single one time purchase?

We offer fast and flexible production of ready to use gaskets with our plot system for nearly all applications.

We maintain high gasket inventory levels and provide quick turnaround on gasket orders and prototype development.

From application consulting to material selection or drawing transfer, please contact our Sealing Solution Team.

The benifits you recieve from working with our Sealing Solution Team

  • Plotter made parts directly produced from dxf drawings, dimensional drawings or by scanning of prototypes.
  • Production risks eliminated and minimal process costs.
  • Minimal processcosts
  • eliminated Cutting waste and special tooling costs eliminated.
  • Excessive inventory can also be eliminated.
  • Fast and flexible

In the Sheet gasket section you may find products of this production method.

MANHOLE SEAL D 4.3 (oval)
Formstable and pressure resistant biaxially expanded ePTFE gasket

No change of width during compression; Non ageing, unlimited storability; Very good adaption to an uneveness of a flange; Physiologically non hazardous up to 260 °C; Chemically inert; Well suited for alternating temperatures; High sealability; Non hardening, non sticking to seal surface Seals also suitable for cold water pressure test