Technology Made in Germany

ProPack offers customers ʺExpert Technical Adviceʺ services

Consulting by an expert

With our years of sealing expertise, our high quality standards and our commitment to constant improvement, we are able to offer our customers the best technical sealing solutions at an economical and cost justifiable price point.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Each of our packing’s are continuously inspected for dimensional accuracy via our ʺStatistical Process Controlʺ (SPC) and the SPC label on the box confirms it is an original ProPack product.

Delivery Capabilities

Today, fast delivery during shut downs and equipment failure is a real necessity. Our wide selection of over 50 standard packing styles with up to 25 metric and imperial sizes allows us a 24 hour response time. This also applies to 10 different gasket styles; supplied to our customers dimensions when required. Get your plant back into production sooner with the High Quality, Performance, Reliability and Problem Solving Skills of your ProPack Sealing Solution Team.

Ring dieforming

We produce with 2000 Quality dies Rings with Skive cut, Butt cut, Tangential cut and Endlessrings.

Special packings

Frames of P7A, A19 and other styles on request produced against a drawing Tube braid styles SL19, SL4, SL6, SL44 Rectangular shaped packing Cut length of all styles.

Application optimization Software

This includes plant analysis, Consulting on the installation, Training of maintenance personal Select and calculate your packing with this decision making tool.

Necessary details to evaluate your sealing inquiry

Equipment description? Example: Pump, Mixer, Valve, ect.

  • Shaft diameter?
  • Shaft surface finish and hardness?
  • Stuffing box bore/diameter?
  • Rotating or reciprocal? Also, RPM or ft/min
  • System pressure and or stuffing box pressure?
  • Technical name or description of product/medium being sealed?
  • Are abrasives present in the medium? If so, please describe.
  • Medium/fluid temperature and or stuffing box temperature?
  • Number of packing rings?
  • Is a lantern ring present? If so, location? What is flush medium if used?
  • Shaft Surface hardness HRC

What type of packing is currently being used for the application? Example: manufacturer, style #, material, ect.
Is the current Service Life acceptable?  If not, why?
What do you believe has been instrumental in causing the current premature failure?