Technology Made in Germany

Fabric and Special seals , Glass- and Ceramic packing

Further sealing and isolating products from ProPack

Ribbon and cloth of glas and refined thermoglas

  • for thermal and acoustic insulation, filtration and protection
  • with varying temperature limits and technical properties
  • free from beed – for a constistant quality - free of defect

You have the choice, we consult you in all aspects of

  • mechanical wear resistance
  • insulation capability
  • water and gas sealability

And as well in other aspects. Tailored and optimized on your requirements. We offer as well for control and auxiliaries of your processes the ideal product.

Fabric seals
Profile gaskets and Special solutions, Expansion joints

Perfect axial and radial flexibility, good stress relaxation and protection against wear; Very low leakage values through outstanding cross section and surface density.; Without organic carrier fiber, no shrinkage under temperature; Resistant against gases, vapours, oils, caustics and most of acids, also suitable for NH3 - gases, hydrogen, nitrogen and methanol; Non hazardous to health (no Al2O3 content !); A specific vulcanisation technique for temperingsystem applications simplifies the installation and improves adaption to uneveness


S 70 Proglas
Glass Fiber Packing

No irritation to skin, harmless to health (filament diameter: 6 - 10 ); Non flammable following DIN 4102 – ignition loss <1.5 %; Resistant against oils, grease, steam, solvents and organic acids; Hydrolytic resistance following DIN 12111: Class 1; Does not content toxic substances or heavy metals ; Surface graphite impregnation on request for increasing compactness and nonstick effect ; A variety of products different in form and temperature resistance are available on request


S 70 - HT 800
Glass Fiber Packing

Non flamable; High electric- and thermal isolation capability; Dimensionally stabil; Good mechanical structural strength


S 71 Prokeram
Ceramic Fiber Packing with chrome steel wire

High elasticity and volume are the premises for an extremely good insulation effect ; Resistant against acid and caustic except phosphoric or hydrofluoric acid or highly concentrated caustics ; Does not content toxic substances or heavy metals ; Non flammable following DIN 4102; Product availability: Square, rectangular, round braid or round twisted reinforced with chrome steel wire; Surface graphite impregnation on request for increasing compactness and nonstick effect; Product contains approx. 20 % organic carrierfiber which decomposes at 200 °C.