Technology Made in Germany

Stuffing box packing is a contacting seal for sliding surfaces which is axially compressed in the stuffingbox. Thereby it will produce a radial sealing force.

Form of Delivery

  • Packing type specific dimensions from 3 to 80 mm are possible.
  • Minimum order quantity for non standard products on request

Important note

All technical data and recommendation result from our experience and are given with our best knowledge available to date. They do not result in any warranty from our side. All figures need to be checked by the end user as he is the sole person to judge on a sealing solution as he knows all the parameters on the actual installation.

Standard Packing Units

4 - 9 mm, 3/16 - 5/16″: 1,0 kg
10 - 15 mm, 3/8 - 9/16″: 2,5 kg
16 - 25 mm, 5/8 - 1″: 5,0 kg

All crossections are as well available on 20 kg Bulkspool per size for volume users.
Other sales units and special length on request.