Technology Made in Germany

ProPack – Quality and Innovation for over 29 years

ProPack was founded in 1989. Our fundamental vision – which we still follow today – is to combine high quality raw materials with the best state of the art processing technology.

Core principles of our company

    • Customer Orientated Consulting
    • Implementation of our customers special requirements
    • Constant Quality Control
    • Fast and Reliable Service

    Our Corporate Philosophy: 

    To supply the best and most economical sealing solutions for all your applications.

    This is achieved by utilizing the newest technology raw materials and manufacturing processes. The result is that today’s stuffing boxes can have advanced and field proven long term sealing reliability to increase your plants reliability and reduce costs. 

    It is not always in a customers best interest or even technically required to utilize expensive and complicated sealing systems. With our newly developed, state of the art production equipment, we are able to create modern and easy to use sealing solutions. All of our unique solutions are based on our own in house Research & Development findings and our extensive field testing programs.

    Quality management

    The Quality Management System used by ProPack fulfils the demands of ISO 9001:2015 and is governed by a yearly inspection through the TÜV Management Service.

    EDI Test rig for Pump packing

    This test rig allows to measure on each installed packing ring:

    Pressure drop on Outer diameter

    • Temperature
    • Leakage

    In addition energy input and the total leakage on shaft and housing can be determined. A variable speed control allows to simulate the influence of miscellaneous and hydrodynamic friction on the seal ability and the running properties. The efficiency of lantern rings and neck bushes in different positions of the stuffing box can be examined as well.

    One of the largest packing inventories

    One of the largest packing inventories in our industry allows often same day delivery and offers our curstomers an incredible support during a shut down. Our stock is continuously monitored  and the stock level is adjusted to actual turnover per product and dimension.