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    Patented flexible Tubecorepacking for equipment with radial shaft run out and tank lid sealing

    The over braided elastomeric tube core gives the packing flexibility and resilience in dynamic and static applications. The main applications are found in Mixers, agitators, autoklavs, filters, refiners, kneaders and driers.
    As static seal the use of this packing is found in door and tank lid sealing.

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    TP 31 AllStar

    Probably the most universal packing of our time, made from a combination of 2 modern yarns, braided in a running track reinforced method with the proven trapezoid shape and a pore filling special impregnation.

    The e-PTFE/graphite yarn may be chemically universally used, has a high thermal conductivity and is highly pliable.

    Meta Aramid yarn is of high strength, almost chemically universally used and compared to other reinforcement fibers easily to be cut. The running track reinforced braiding, which places the stronger Meta Aramid fiber across the running track, stops particles, rotating around the shaft, before they cause any damage and may wear the packing surface.

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