Corona - how do we do it?



Corona - how do we do it?

Today, one year later, we know. What we also know that we did the right thing in our company. The entire workforce remained healthy and operations continued in split shifts without downtime.
It was enough to react quickly and consistently, we also focused on home office in the area of administration. Virtual meetings and collaboration with customers and employees could take place successfully thanks to new software, we will continue to use this way of communication.

As for the business: we had no failures, we were able to execute all our clients' requirements to their satisfaction and in the usual fast manner.

Our decision to split the team into two independent shifts of 8 hrs each helped our customers during the lockdown. They received technical support at all times and were able to keep their own operations running due to our speed of delivery. Our on-time delivery rate was 99.5% during these months.
We gained a lot of new customers because the manufacturing location was Germany. The feedback from our customers tells us that they are absolutely satisfied.

We hope very much in everyone's interest that the Corona protection measures taken will have a lasting effect. Wish you all the best and stay healthy!


Benedikt Wicklmayr

Contact person for almost all topics, whether application-technical consulting, orders, processing, marketing, office solutions ...